Meet the cat with the extra toes!

Ferdinand is a shy but curious cat who learns that his differences are what truly make him special. Through his adventures, everyone around him is able to learn and appreciate his unique qualities too!

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The cat with the extra toes is back!

Now Ferdinand is off on a new adventure to the local farm, where he gets to share the important lessons he’s learned with Petunia—a PIG!

“Ferdinand is back and even better in this story that shows when you accept what makes you unique, you inspire others to be their true selves too. When we love ourselves just the way we are, like Ferd, we can help others, like Petunia, acknowledge what makes them special too!”

—Jessica Martin

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Book One!

The adventure that started it all …

Ferdinand with the Extra Toes is a story we can all relate to at some point in our lives. We all need to learn from this special kitty and accept those around us, no matter what differences they may have.” 

—Kim Strawbridge-Foerster

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Katie Maskey is a wife, advocate for invisible disabilites and fur-mama born and raised in the Midwest. In fact, her cat-mom status is how she was inspired to write Ferdinand with the Extra Toes. You see, Ferdinand is a real life cat! He’s a polydactyl, meaning, he was born with extra claws on all of his paws. Seeing Ferdinand as a special little cat who was not quite like the others in the house inspired Katie to write his story to help kids recognize their own unique qualities and just how special those traits make them.

“Don’t ever be afraid to stand out from the crowd. You, yes you, can inspire others just by being who you are and showing the world your uniqueness.” —Katie Maskey